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Christians With Tattoos

Christian Tattoo Pics and Tattoos for Christians who want to express their faith with body art.

Share photos of your tattoos and see other Christians with Tattoos. What does the Bible say about tattoos? Are Tattoos OK? Why all the fuss?

Above: Australian singer Guy Sebastian with his Pheonix tattoo.

Above: Walk by Faith - Christian Foot Tattoo

What are some Christians so opposed to Tattoos and Christians with INK. Does Leviticus 19 Verse 28 apply to modern day Christians or do some Christians take this verse out of context in order to oppress tattooed believers?

Perhaps God isn't as opposed to tattoos as some would think - Read Isaiah 49 verse 16.
"I have tattooed you on the palms of my hands..." 


0 # Cindy Smith 2011-01-11 19:54
I read your articles with great interest :)
As a Christian and some one who also likes to indulge in tattoos and body piercings myself, I find it hard to understand why so many people find it so offensive??
I will get a piercing or a tattoo as a reward or a symbol of which to remember a lost loved one by, almost a way to not only honour their memory but to keep them with me.
Thus far anything I have had done is not visable to anyone but me apart from my ears, simply because its a private thing for me. Having said that my next tattoo I am getting down my leg, and will be dedicated to my children and some special departed loved ones, my daughters have even helped with some of the design.
I hope when people ask me about this very special tattoo it will help me share and keep some memories alive :)
I hope if you are reading this and are a person who is offended by tattoos you may see them in a different light now Ive shared my reasons for getting them...
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+3 # Jeni Ruth 2012-03-25 08:06
I guess for our family the question of whether or not to be tattooed was already made as I had 12 tats and my hubby had 4 when we were first saved. Certainly the style and reason for our tats changed after being saved. Five of our 6 kids are also inked [ages 28-35] though not all are Christian. Our youngest son has a passion for God, and ink and has some beautiful work on him - which he is happy to tell the story of at the slightest show of interest! I don't see that God would be offended by our family art-work, we just chose to wear it rather than display it in other ways.
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+3 # madebeautifulthruHIM 2013-03-03 01:16
The laws that were made during Moses's time were hung on the cross w/ Christ. Tattooed believers in this generation can reach out to those who are lost in ways other might not be able too. We are all a part of the body of Christ and are all called to do our own parts. We should not be separated just because of our looks.
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+1 # joe gonzalez 2013-03-31 11:46
I think its up too the one who is getting the work done me I have lots of tats and will be get more..
bless it be the lord. amen tat2joe
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0 # Paul N 2013-05-22 08:25
People ought not to state that the law is for OT times this dismiss what it says referring to marking your skin. That is not a good reason for getting tattoos. What you have to do is ask whether or not God is ok with getting tattoos. With all due respect, I cannot see how. I don't see how one can look into scripture and find it ok in anyway shape or form.

What we are saying is that God is ok with us putting ourselves through long periods of pain, peircing our skins hundreds and thousands of our times over causing blood to flow (to an extent) to put unhealthy ink in them, which remains for life.

Now, many people get them to say they are a testmimony and totally disregard those who are turned off by them, which is more than people accept them.

If infact, it is OT laws, then is it ok for me to take a knife and cut my body up to put a picture on it?

Fact is, Tatoos have a horrid history and I am at a loss as to why Christians want to follow such a trend.

I am not judging anyone but I think the trend is a sign of the church following the world. For some reason, we want to "redeem" everything.

I know of a woman who had cancer and the cance would affect that tattoo's more than any other place on her skin. God told her to tell people not to get them.

While I cannot tell anyone what to do, if any man/woman influenced any of my children telling them how positive tattoss are...well, I would have serious words with that one.

Jesus said that when we do good and love, the world will know us. That was enough for Paul and Silas and it is good enough for me.

Be blessed!
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+1 # Savedagain 2013-09-27 07:09
I don't believe that any born-again Christian would ever say they will dismiss God's Word in any form. But certain commandments do not apply today. For example, do you shave your head, or did you ever? Have you cut your sideburns? Have you been to a bbq where you have eaten pork? Have you thought about Leviticus when you were breaking these commandments of the OT? Have you been to the Holy of Holies to repent for your sins, your families and the rest of America?

If one is to follow one commandment of the OT, undoubtedly one would have follow all the commandments that were placed upon Moses and the other Israelites. Therefore, if one is following the OT commandments, one is working for God's approval, making Jesus' work (life, death on the cross, and resurrection) in vein for you, and once again a person is living as a unsaved person. So hopefully one is not saying or implying that we are to follow the OT, even though Jesus and His apostles have said the contrary.

If one is going to argue "getting tattoos as a Christian, or reason not to get one" We cannot use scripture literally ( meaning that Leviticus will not settle the debate for Christians), it would not be appropriate. Just like one cannot use scripture for say smoking marijuana (it is illegal so therefore it is a sin, fyi), because the are not any scriptures that directly deals with the times.

We as Christians, need to know the heart behind getting such tattoos, but I personally believe that saying you are getting ink for Jesus' mission, idk, I am not sure if I believe that. It is self adornment, but I am not Jesus, and I do not know the hearts of men. He knows the hearts of men, but honestly it doesn't matter if you are getting a cross on your arm, or a zombie, what counts is your heart and your intentions for getting such.

And the argument lies in, does this help Jesus' mission to create more disciples, and make you and others more like Him? Will this help you repent more often, or less often? This is what all Christians are called to do, no matter what, and if anything, ANYTHING gets in the way of this, it is evil, it needs to be cut off, even if it is skiing.

With all this being said, I do not feel it right that Christians from older generations to "hate" on the younger, or to judge them wrongly because of their choice, even if Jesus' says it is sin (which is a conversation for between them and Jesus.) Also, because Holy Scripture may not have direct references for all of today's issues (internet porn, smoking or using illegal substances, etc.) Does not mean we shouldn't be having the conversation and asking why we are doing anything that maybe questionable (Those references that I just used, they are all sins btw!). And every decision should be met with Jesus approval first, and we must rely on the Spirit to help us discern.

It's all about Jesus! Be easy folks, and God Bless you!
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0 # Char 2013-06-10 11:04
I was raised in a church, fell away, and only came back to the one I am going to now. My mother and father neither of them have tattoos but i do, so when they atrated going to a new church, my dad just told tme they had a awesome praise team. I went and see others my age and even older that have tattoos. I was great im always terrified that someone (at my old chruch) would judge me... unfort. they did and that is why I left the church for many years. Now that I am going to a church where I'm not being judged, I can praise God openly!!! Praise god for my new church family that I love so very much!!!! I would love to get my old life tattoos covered over with new Christian tattoos but I cant locate a local artist :0( I live in NE OH USA does any one know of a local artist in NE OHIO?
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-1 # brenda 2014-05-13 06:10
I am a tattoo artist, I love it so much, but being a Christian is a little bit difficult. My church won't accept them, so I have stopped making them but I will really love going back, its been a while. I am looking for answers to make the decision of
going back or just giving up. I hope God will help me thru your pg.
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+1 # allen snyder 2014-06-27 16:28
Leviticus 19:28 People need to look at the context of that. It was saying don't mark yourselves showing that you belong to other Gods.
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