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Your Love Has Set Me Free TATTOO

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“YOUR LOVE HAS SET ME FREE” is a tattoo done by Elize Nazelie from Brilliance Tattoo in Boston, MA. It took over 6 hours to complete and it is a mix of illustrative and realism styles.  I come from a very religious upbringing and after so many years of living under pressure, guilt and fear inside the church; God mercifully revealed Himself to me - completely apart from religion.  


It is so incredible to know and have a relationship with God instead of having to fulfill man’s demands that I wanted to incorporate into this tattoo what is true and brought meaning to my life.  

The tattoo is composed by dove (Holy Spirit) flying down over my heart set ablaze by the flames representing God’s love and a sword piercing through representing the word of God. The 5 flowers represent the number of God’s grace as well as the spiritual gifts and talents God entrusted me to be a blessing.

- Marcos