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The Story Behind My Tattoo

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Cross Tattoo with 3 nails, flowers + Revelation 22v13

The Cross is the representation of Christ in my life, how He is the cornerstone for all things I do. It’s formed by the 3 nails used to nail Him to His cross. Behind it is a blue flower which is a Rose of Sharon, and a red one which is a Henna/Camphire flower. Both are found in the “Song of Solomon” in the Bible.

My husband is the Camphire/Henna while I am the Rose of Sharon, and our love is as eternal as God’s love for us. Below is Revelation 22:13 and this the second most important piece of my tattoo.

Before my husband and I married, we were searching to make God the absolute base of our relationship, but doing things impure and inappropriate before marriage. In seeking to correct our behaviors, a generational curse that caused unexplainable anger, outrage, and hatred for all things brought out of me to expose that I was possessed. Read more...


My husband worked with his life long family pastor to exorcise me for a whole week. It was a long and exhausting experience for the both of us, but we could tell when the fight was over when he read from Revelation Ch. 22. Specifically, Revelation 22:13 “I am the alpha and the omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” (Multiple Translations read it this way.) or “I am Alap and I am Tau, The First and The Last, The Origin and The Fulfillment.” (Aramaic Bible as Read in English).

If the battle was not over, the demon/spirit would return and lash out at the sound of God’s Voice as my husband read from His Word. But when all was done, and those words no longer brought it out, we knew Christ had overcome it and I was finally free.

We rejoiced with rest, prayer, and my husband bought me a cross necklace to symbolize the freedom we now both shared and could finally be married. God is so Good.

Thank you for the opportunity to share the story and my tattoo. God bless!

- Raina